Tattoo & Piercing Aftercare Products Made for the Industry by the Industry

NU TATTOO is a unique and uncompromising Tattoo Aftercare Product Line that can nourish, promote healing, and rejuvenate new or existing Tattoos and Piercings. We cater to the professional Body Piercer and Tattoo Artist with practical products for application  during Tattoo and Body Piercing procedures. We offer Client Aftercare  Products that are totally  natural and chemical  free with 100% therapeutic grade essential oils to assist in providing ultimate care for Tattoos, Body Piercing, and even Body Jewelry.

NU TATTOO has realized that although petroleum and alcohol products have been used in the Tattoo / Body Piercing Industry for decades, they do not especially promote quick and easy healing. At the same time, they act as a barrier and will not allow color to flow into skin easily. Alcohol products dry and irritate skin while petroleum is not water soluble and does not allow the skin of new Tattoos and Piercings to breath.

NU TATTOO Aftercare Products used for Tattoos, Body Piercing and even Body Jewelry brings us back to basics with a pleasant aroma that appeals to both genders while containing no petroleum or alcohol and unlike sea salt, leaves no residue. It is made with the finest of ingredients earth has to offer while benefiting all skin types.

NU TATTOO Aftercare Products are anti-fungal and antibacterial. Soothes the skin, is Body Jewelry Friendly, eases itching, acts as a natural sun protector, helps prevent scabbing, and can reduce healing time for Tattoos and Body Piercing. It protects, lubricates,renews, and cleans Organic and non – organic Body Jewelry and aides in stretching and changing of all Body Jewelry. It can also be used for eczema, bug bites, diaper rash, chapped lips, newly shaved skin, cuts and scrapes or rebuilding of any skin tissue. Does not burn eyes so it can also be used for eyeliner and all other tattooed cosmetics.

NU TATTOO Aftercare Products is an innovative step in our Tattoo, Body Piercing and even Body Jewelry industry today. We urge you to try the products and see for yourself. NU TATTOO is made in Oregon, USA. We support organic farming and none of our Tattoo Aftercare products or ingredients are tested on animals.