NuTattoo Products brings the Tattoo and Body Piercing Industry an integral and consistent Aftercare Line for Clients as well as Artists.  We started by working on a product that minimizes problem healing and reduces touch up work.  Our products consist of all natural and homogeneously hypo-allergenic ingredients.  (Please review ingredients to ensure that clients do not have any known allergies.)

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NuTattoo commits to providing products that are not only all natural but that offer the effective benefits intended.  We continue to manufacture in small batch lots to maintain credibility and continuity for each bottle.

These products are offered only after 5 years of testing each product in our privately owned Tattoo and Piercing Studio.  The tests involve documenting use, therapeutic responses, and appropriate reactions to each of the products with excellant results.

We are confident NuTattoo brings to your shelves effective healing agents of quality and distinction.

Environmentally and client friendly, gentle yet active. NU TATTOO is the best choice in the Tattoo and Piercing Industry.