Aftercare & the Industry

Mori Ink is a well known Tattoo/Piercing shop in Ashland Oregon.  “I’ve been working in the Industry for 11 years and am celebrating my 10 year anniversary in my Ashland location.”         Ashland is a university town so the students are very familiar with the studio as well as the locals and folks outside the area.
Mori Ink is a one woman shop specializing in fine line, color and custom work.
Photos of Mori’s Tattoo work can be seen all over the walls of the studio as well as great artwork from her sons along with a tiny pair of jeans and a tiny Harley jacket that once fit her boys. “Max walked into the shop on a first fall day and the jacket sleeves were up to his elbows!”  I said, “you look like Baby Hughy, that jacket is mine!”  Hence an additional piece of art work on the walls of Mori Ink.
“Our aim is to provide a comfortable and safe environment for people that indulge in our fine art.”
Mori Ink is also the home of NuTattoo Aftercare Products. I have found that effective after care products are essential in successful healing and maintenance of Tattoos and Piercings.  When we, as knowledgeable and responsible artists take the time and extra care to inform our clients about aftercare, we become more credible and professional.  The client and the artist is on the same page with what needs to be done after the client leaves the shop which is the crucial key to successful healing.

something to use on their new Tattoo or Piercing.  It assures the artist that clients are not dumping anything counter productive on their skin like petroleum and  alcohol, that irritates and blocks skin from breathing, or perfumes that can cause allergic reaction or pull color.  A client depends on their artist to do a great job and provide them with professional instructions and aftercare.  The job is not over until these last fazes are complete.
Even though an aftercare product line is one more thing to buy and carry, it shows professionalism and backing of our work.  I do not guarantee my work if clients do not use the aftercare I recommend and follow the instructions I give them for healing.  I have never had a problem selling aftercare to my clients.  They want to be informed and they expect me to provide that information and product for them.
I prefer that our Industry take care of itself so that other Industries like the medical field with ideas for so called “inks guaranteed to be removed with laser”  don’t find a place to meddle and make money off our field.   These other Industries usually have no experience in needs for Tattoos and Piercings.
Why wouldn’t every shop offer excellent aftercare for their clients?  In the long run it is a win win situation, there is less touch ups and beautiful, worthwhile, and everlasting billboards out there to show off our work.  There’s no better marketing tool out there!