APP 2008

The APP Expo was very exciting and I really felt at home with the variety of folks from all over the globe.  Going to classes with professional Piercers, meeting the Buyers, Venders and Craftspeople that make such beautiful  Body Jewelry made buying for our shop that much more personal.

Organic products as a whole were embraced.  Seeing that Nu Tattoo Aftercare Products are safe, cruelty free, residue free, and environmentally friendly, we were very well received.

The best part was meeting all the like minded Piercing and Tattoo Artists ready to give their clients the very best care possible. We found that while Nu Tattoo Aftercare Products supports the bodies natural abilities to heal, it enhances the thought processes already used by the Tattoo and Piercing Community.

Thanks to the APP for finding a way for our Industry to learn and come together.  We commend all the attendees for coming and participating.  It is great to be a part of this Unique Tribe.