Suggested Usage

Aftercare Hints:

Take a shower everyday for the next 2 weeks.   The steam will help heal and allow piercing to move freely.  NEVER FORCE TURN A PIERCING Doing so can cause the skin to invert leaving a knob that is difficult to get rid of.  Also, if there is any build up on the body jewelry while turning, it will sever the interior, starting the healing process over again.  While showering, gently wash body jewelry and piercing thoroughly.  Finish soaping down and run clear water over the pierced area, then shift the body jewelry so that there is no soap deposit left inside.

Apply a small amount of Nu Tattoo After Balm (great for lubricating body jewelry and needles, stretching and anchors as well) or Nu Piercing Calm onto the body jewelry. Unlike sea salt, NTPC does not leave any residue and therefore does not need to be rinsed away.  SHAKE WELL before using.   While holding the skin, turn the body jewelry so that the product moves through the piercing.   Only touch new piercings while cleaning.  Between showering and only once a day if necessary, normal white buildup can be removed by saturating the piercing with NuTattoo Piercing Calm. Wait 3-5 minutes so that discharge can dissolve.  Gently wipe away.  NEVER RUB, PICK, OR ALLOW IMPACT ON PIERCINGS.   Over cleaning or touching a new piercing can reverse the healing process.  Do not immerse your new piercing in foreign water for at least 2-4 weeks including hot tubs, pools, rivers, lakes, etc.

Aftercare Hints:

It is essential to keep the tongue cold to minimize swelling.  Use cold drinks, ice, etc. every 15 to 30 minutes for the next 5-7 days.  Dilute NuTattoo Oral Rinse in 1 gallon of distilled water.  Because Oral Rinse does not break down skin tissue, it can be used for soothing as often as needed.  Always rinse (do not swallow) after eating or smoking.  Storing solution in the refrigerator is recommended for additional relief.  Soothes overly sensitive censers on the tongue and aids swelling with a pleasant numbing effect.  Flax seed or Olive oil can be used if piercing becomes dry or raw at the top hole. Swelling will continue for up to 7 days.

Avoid mint, spices, straws, or consuming anything too hot in temperature.  Soft or liquid foods are recommended at first.  The piercing may create a crater around the top ball.  This is perfectly normal and subsides.  Gummy or hard tartar and plaque may form around the piercing or on the barbell.  It can be pulled off but scraping the barbell is only recommended after piercing is completely healed.

NuTattoo Oral Rinse is also effective for all oral piercings and can be used in diluted form for healing and cleaning the surface skin side of piercings such as Monroe, lip, anchors, or labrets, etc.

Aftercare Hints:

Remove the bandage gently.  Wash with a small amount of Nu Soap.  Use clean  fingertips, they are softer and cleaner than linen.  Do not re-bandage.  Blot dry.  NEVER RUB DRY.   Tattoos will sometimes weep, wash gently but thoroughly and apply very  small amount of NuTattoo Balm.  When scabbing process begins, it is best not to get the tattoo wet!  Over saturation can blister new scabs, making them fall off too early, and possibly pull color.  Apply NuTattoo Balm sparingly once a day or as needed to reduce swelling, itching or tightness of skin.

Do not expose your new tattoo to sun while healing. Sun will fade color in new and existing tattoos. Do not rub or pick at the treated area.  DO NOT LET CLOTHING IRRITATE NEW ARTWORK.

ReNU LOTION is recommended after healing to protect tattoos from sun exposure and keep existing tattoos fresh and vibrant.

Aftercare Hints:

EYELINER: For the first morning, use a cold cloth compress for a maximum of 20 minutes. Otherwise, do not get eyeliner wet for the first 48 hours and as minimally as possible throughout the healing process.  Apply a tiny amount of Nu Tattoo After Balm lightly over the tattooed area for pliability and to sooth swelling, tightness, or itching.

EYEBROWS AND ALL OTHER APPLICATIONS:  Gently wash with NuTATTOO Cleansing Soap without soaking, saturating, or submerging effected area.  Blot dry.  DO NOT RUB.  Permanent make up may be washed once a day and minimally after scabbing.  DO NOT EXPOSE PERMANENT MAKE UP TO SUNLIGHT while healing and minimally thereafter to keep from fading.  Use NuTATTOO After Balm to protect permanent make up against sun before and after healing. Hats and sunglasses are recommended. Do not rub or pick your new tattooed make up.  Doing so can pull color.

IT IS CLIENT RESPONSIBILITY FOR TAKING CARE OF TATTOOS, PERMANENT COSMETICS, PIERCINGS, AND BODY JEWELRY AS DIRECTED SO THAT THEY WILL LOOK GREAT AND HEAL PROPERLY.  Always consult your Artist regarding any questions or concerns.  People with allergies should check product ingredients.