It has been almost ten months since I purchased my first jar of ointment at Mori’s Studio.  It was given to me to use after tattooing permanent eyeliner, and I was suprised at first that there wasn’t any irritation when it got into my eye. The tattoo healed perfectly, with no flaking of lifting of colored areas, so I was very happy with my results.

I am a Compounding Pharmacist with a great deal of interest in herbs, so I knew from Mori’s description of the ingredients, that it probably had multiple uses.  My son and I suffer from atopic dermatitis, and her ointment has been very helpful in speeding healing of the skin cracks and eliminating the itching associated with this condition.  I have also used it on my son with astounding results for a fungal infection in his groin area.  After application, the pain and itching dissappeared in less than a minute, and the redness and weeping of the skin was gone in less than 24 hours!

I have come to rely on this little jar of ointment for any cut, scrape and topical problem.  I have even used it on my yellow lab Willy’s skin injury!  It has many uses in our house, and every time a problem like this comes up, we find another use for this great ointment.  I come from a very science-based education that teaches pharmacists to be skeptical of herbal remedy claims, but personal experience with this product has taught me the value of Mori’s product.  I have no desire for more tattoos, but I will keep coming back to Mori for this ointment!

Rhonda M. Worthylake, RPh


Thank you so much for piercing Ashley and I today.  We had a great experience at your place!

I would also like to thank you for the After Care Products that you sent home with us!  Nu Tattoo worked great on healing my new tattoo and piercings.  This made my tattoo feel better then any of the other topical treatments I used on my skin.  Nu Tattoo made it heal faster  and better and felt great too!

Loren Flegel


Thank you sooo much for both of my beautiful new additions to my tattoo family.  They are both more beautiful than words could tell. I think you do wonderful work.

Okay, so I got home and washed off the bird and lotus and put your wonderful balm on it.   Wow, the spot that was tender (the lotus) and still a little puffy is no longer puffy.  It has been 5 days since you did my other tattoo and I am so amazed at how quickly it is healing.  None of my other tattoos have healed even close to this quick.  In five days it looks like it is a couple weeks old. Unbelievable.  I also used it on a spot where I had a breakout from a ring I wore.  I have a nickel allergy.  When I came to see you on Saturday to get the sunflower tattoo it was so bad,  it was a huge sore, and it hurt.   I started putting the balm on it  I can say that it is almost completely gone.  It didnt even scab at all.  Now its just a spot that is slightly darker than the rest of the skin,  no more sore.I have had sores similar for weeks that left huge scars and kept me miserable.    I hardly even noticed it was there after the second day.. I also know scaring will be minimal because of how quickly it has healed.

I will be using your balm on everything.  I love that it has so few ingredients and they are all things I can pronounce and recognize. What a wonderful product! Well done.  Thank you!


I recently had my eyebrows tattooed by Mori, at Mori Ink.  They are fabulous, and I am thankful for all the little things….pulling a shirt over my head, without removing my eyebrows; waking up and going to bed with eyebrows; playing tennis and not sweating off my eyebrows; rubbing my face….and keeping my eyebrows!!!  They are Fabulous!!    But, another “little thing”, I’m very happy about, is the discovery of the NuTattoo Aftercare Balm.  Mori included a jar for my after tattoo care.  It was so soothing, I started using it on other things….brown age spots on my face and hands, small scaly areas my moisturizer doesn’t take care of anymore, and even old scars.  I was pleasantly surprised to see a reduction in appearance of all these areas.  I just bought my second jar, and will carry one with me now, wherever I go !  Thank you Mori for the great eyebrows….and for the introduction to NuTatoo Balm!    Dana Gouveia    Ashland, ORegon

“Mori did my nose piercing and I bought Nu Tattoo products….I love the line….enriches my numerous tattoo’s and I love the ointment to heal piercings….for the first time EVER, I had no problems or infections with my piercing. Can’t wait to schedule a tattoo with Mori…….Sherri Corporandy”

Hi Mori. Just wanted to let you know I received the order a couple days ago. I am so excited, the swelling (I had a hypertrophic around my vertical tragus) has already reduced a TON! Thank you so much for being so patient and helping get the order to me. I really appreciate it. And I will definitely be recommending your product to fellow piercing lovers.

Thanks again.    Stephanie